About Me

Hi, my name is Silas Washington and thank you for making your way to learn more about me. Please bare with me because I am not a great writer no more because I forgot somethings since I finished school. If you make it to the end then GOD bless you!

I am from United States Florida born and raised.  I do love it here because it is of course the oldest city and everything is close but I do want to one day see what else is out there in the world.

Growing up I always heard that you have to in the end work a horrible job on the transitional route the boring, boss down your neck 9 to 5. I actually believe that from the beginning and wanted to become a VET but I did have second thoughts about that and you all know what I mean that can relate to me.

I always knew before I ran into Internet Marketing back in 2016 that there is more to life then the 9 to 5. Something I tell my mom to this day  but she says be careful on my journey and to make sure I have what I need before I start.

Which I did because….

I worked at Burger King for about 5 years I believe and I know I might not be right because I am trying to forget the experience because I hate it. I had to work there for a while until I “find something better”.

Which I did…

But it was…

Walmart for crying out loud!

I am currently still there as of 2018 but plan on leaving one day. The reason I am kind of getting personal with you here is because I am a very honest person.

SO yeah!

I see people making money online all the time with things but I know I have to watch out for the scams, outdated courses and much more but I finally found something that works for me.

Once I achieve financial freedom I will update this later and let you know where I am now with my life.